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Remote Tutoring

It is often a struggle for families to make the commitment and sustain the stamina required to enhance their child's education through private instruction. Finding a specialist that is a proper fit for the child can be nearly impossible when proximity is an issue. With remote tutoring options, families have more flexibility in their child's tutoring schedule. Students may see the instructor in the office for given sessions and then rely on off-site instruction when the demands of life make it difficult to get to the office. It may be necessary for some students to receive their instruction through a model that is exclusively online. No matter the circumstances, off-site tutoring expands the options for students who are in need of additional support. Furthermore, remote tutoring provides more options in terms of hiring a qualified professional:  location is no longer an obstacle. Students can receive one on one tutoring from a certified specialist in the convenience of their home.

Tutoring Requirements and Setup Instructions

MtED utilizes a robust video conferencing software package called Zoom. Zoom is free to download, easy to use, and allows the MtET educator to connect both visually and auditorily to the student via a video conferencing, web-based program. This format provides a platform that employs screen sharing and interactivity in even the most remote locations.

Device and Tutoring Requirements:
Students must have access to a web-capable laptop, iPad or tablet with the ability to install the free Zoom Software. Please visit to download.

Mac & PC:


Android Tablet:

Students should have access to paper and pencil during their tutoring sessions. It may be necessary for parents to purchase additional materials based on the needs of the student.

Prior to your first Training Session:

Bookmark the following link:

Board1 will be used in an interactive format during your tutoring session.

Verify that you have the zoom software installed and that you can get to the required meeting room: Please enter the password you were given. Once you complete the above steps, you should see a screen similar to the one below...


How to Connect to a Training Session:

At least five minutes prior to your scheduled session, launch Zoom and ensure you have access to the required materials. Younger students and first time users should have an adult nearby to help with any technical issues.

Click the blue screen in the upper right of this page to connect to the zoom session. Alternatively you can click the link here: 

Remote Tutoring Links 


Board 1


Board 2


Board 3


Board 4


Book 1 Words


Book 2 Words


Book 3 Words


Book 4 Words


Book 5 Words

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